Dublin and Chicago Weather Comparison

The following weather charts compare Chicago’s weather against Dublin's weather.

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The first weather graph displays the day time maximum average temperature, the second shows the average night time minimum and the bar chart indicates the amount of rain per month. These weather charts visually compare the weather of Chicago to the weather of Dublin when planning a holiday or business trip to either.

Maximum Temperature For Chicago and Dublin

Maximum Temperature For Chicago and Dublin

The monthly average maximum temperature of Dublin compared to Chicago

Dublin and Chicago Rain Comparison

Dublin and Chicago Rain Comparison

The monthly average amount of rain that falls on Chicago compared to Dublin

Minimum Temperature For Chicago and Dublin

Minimum Temperature For Chicago and Dublin

The minimum temperature of Dublin compared to Chicago average temperature

Dublin experiences a temperate oceanic climate, with relatively mild winters and cool summers. The sunniest months are May and June, while the wettest month is October. Despite its northerly location, Dublin generally has fewer days of snowfall than other cities at similar latitudes, such as Copenhagen or St. Petersburg.

This is due to the Dublin's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, which helps to moderate its temperature. However, Dublin is not immune to winter weather events. In 2009, the city was hit by a severe snowstorm that caused widespread disruption. As a result, Dublin's residents have learned to be prepared for anything when it comes to the weather.

Chicago's weather is notoriously unpredictable. The city experiences all four seasons, and the transition between them can be sudden and extreme. In the winter, temperatures can dip well below freezing, and strong winds off of Lake Michigan make the cold even more biting. Snow is also common, and Chicagoans often have to contend with treacherous ice storms.

Spring brings some relief from the cold, but it can also be a volatile season, with severe thunderstorms bringing high winds and heavy rains. Summer is usually hot and humid, with temperatures often topping 90 degrees. However, the city sometimes gets a reprieve from the heat in the form of a cool lake breeze. Fall is generally mild, but it can be wet, as heavy rains are not uncommon. As a result of the city's unpredictable weather, Chicagoans have to be prepared for anything.

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