New Zealand Weather

New Zealand has a mild climate with the warmest weather during the southern hemisphere’s summer (November to February) while the winter months (June –August) are cooler and wetter. New Zealand does not have a wet season with an almost equal amount of rain throughout the year. As a very wide generalization for the weather of New Zealand the south tends to be cooler and than the north while the west is wetter than the east.

New Zealand Average Weather

New Zealand Average Weather

The average weather for New Zealand based upon region data.

For in depth weather details see the following; Auckland the largest city of New Zealand, the pleasant city of Christchurch and of course Queenstown the activity and adventure capital.

New Zealand Temperature

New Zealand Temperature

The maximum day time temperature of New Zealand in Centigrade and Fahrenheit

The above temperature chart displays the maximum day time temperature of three important towns in New Zealand; Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. All three cities have the same temperature trend but as Auckland is the most northerly has the mildest winter. New Zealand does not have real extreme weather, the exception is in the mountains or to the very far south of New Zealand.

New Zealand Rainfall and Amount of Rain

New Zealand Rainfall and Amount of RainThe average rainfall of New Zealand, millimetres and inches of rain for New Zealand

New Zealand does not have a wet seasons or is hit by seasonal typhoons. New Zealand winters have slightly more rainfall than the summers but the exception is the eastern city of Christchurch which has an almost constant supply of rain throughout the year..

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