Sri Lanka Weather

For a relatively small island Sri Lanka has a very diverse range of weather. The island can be best divided into three separate regions; the south (and west), the north (and east) and the interior. Sri Lanka is buffeted by two strong monsoon seasons so some unfortunate regions have an almost continuous monsoon from spring until late autumn. For tourist the best season to visit Sri Lanka is during the winter months but if heading in land always expect some rain. For specific Sri Lankan city weather data please see the navigation at the bottom of this page.

Sri Lanka Average Weather

Sri Lanka Weather

The average weather for Sri Lanka based upon region data.

The above weather chart summarises all of the specific regional data to provide a very high level generalisation of Sri Lanka's weather but the country has very individual regional weather.

Sri Lanka Temperature

Sri Lanka Temperature

The maximum day time temperature of Sri Lanka in Centigrade and Fahrenheit

The above temperature chart displays the maximum day time temperature of three important cities in Sri Lanka in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit. Colombo is in the capital of Sri Lanka on the western coast, Galle is to the south western side and reflects the weather of the popular tourist resorts and beach towns, the final city Kandy is in the centre of Sri Lanka and represents the mountainous interior. For detailed city weather please see navigation at the end of this page. There is very little season temperature variation for all three cities and this is true of the temperature for the whole of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Rainfall and Amount of Rain

Sri Lanka Rainfall and Amount of RainThe average rainfall of Sri Lanka, millimetres and inches of rain for Sri Lanka

There are two distinct monsoon seasons for Sri Lanka and depending on the location of the city or region is hit by the seasonal rains by varying degrees. The driest season of Sri Lanka is during the later winter months. The wettest season is late spring and early winter. Sri Lanka as an island has a lot of rain, always except some rain during any holiday to this beautiful island.

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