Chihuahua Weather

The following weather chart displays the monthly average weather conditions for Chihuahua, Mexico. The red line displays the monthly day time maximum temperature while the blue line shows the average night time minimum. The bar chart indicates the number of wet days per month that Chihuahua experiences.

Chihuahua Weather Chart

Chihuahua Weather

The average weather for Chihuahua, Mexico

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Weather Definitions

The number of wet days is defined as any day when more than 0.1mm of rain falls (this is a very small amount). The wet day can range from just a single shower through to a complete day of rain but the number of wet days per month is a very useful guide when planning a holiday to Chihuahua in Mexico.

The Chihuahua weather chart and data has been averaged into monthly segments to aid in choosing a suitable season to visit Chihuahua. The average monthly maximum temperature is the average air temperature that is in a place of shade therefore Chihuahua temperatures in direct sunlight during the summer months will be much higher. For a travel guide to Mexico City click here.