Taroudant Weather

Taroudant is the classical Arabic fortified city that lies in the heart of the Souss Valley. Taroudant has a great relaxed atmosphere and is an ideal base for exploring the region’s mountains so makes the city a popular tourist excursion from the Taroudant coast. The climate of the city is described as having a hot arid dry climate.

Taroudant's inland location means that the weather is more extreme than the coast with summer days unbearably hot. The heat of the city is combined with some of the most humid conditions of the country, especially during the summer. Do not plan to do trekking in the regions mountains during the summer season either waiting until the autumn or early spring. Spring as with most of Morocco is the best season to visit Taroudant.

Taroudant Weather Chart

Taroudant Weather

The average weather for Taroudant, Morocco

Taroudant Sunshine and Humidity

Taroudant Sunshine and Humidity

Humidity and hours of Sunshine for Taroudant, Morocco

The above sunshine and humidity chart display the average conditions for Taroudant; the amount of sunshine is the average amount per day while the humidity is expressed as a percent.

Taroudant Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

Taroudant Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

The above chart displays the maximum and minimum temperatures for Taroudant, Morocco



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