Agadir Weather

Agadir has almost perfect weather all year round with very hot summers and wild to warm winters. This agreeable weather combined with the fantastic beach and hassle free city make Agadir a great Moroccan tourist destination. Due to the latitude of Agadir the summer sun is very intense and much stronger than Europe. The temperatures quoted in the weather charts are for the day time maximum in shade the temperature in direct sun light will always be much hotter. The spring and summer months are blessed with a cooling breeze and the close proximity to the ocean tempers the temperatures slightly when compared to inland.

The best season to visit Agadir and also the whole of Morocco is during the country’s spring months of April through to June. The small amount of rain which does fall is during the short winter months but this is also the season to hunt out great last minute bargains.

Agadir, Morocco Weather

Agadir Weather Chart

Agadir Weather

The average weather for Agadir, Morocco

Agadir Sunshine and Humidity

Agadir Sunshine and Humidity

Humidity and hours of Sunshine for Agadir, Morocco

The above sunshine and humidity chart display the average conditions for Agadir. The amount of sunshine is the average amount per day and the humidity is expressed as a percent and is a measure at mid day. The humidity levels changes significantly during the day with higher humidity in the mornings than evenings.

Agadir Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

Agadir Maximum and Minimum Temperatures

The above chart displays the maximum and minimum temperatures for Agadir, Morocco



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