Bali Weather Averages

The following weather chart displays the monthly average weather conditions for Bali in Indonesia. The first chart summarizes the average weather for Bali. The second weather chart details the maximum and minimum temperature of Bali in both centigrade and fahrenheit. The third weather chart displays the average amount of rain plotted against the total number of wet days per month.

Bali Weather Chart

Bali Weather

The average weather for Bali

Bali Maximum and Minimum Temperature

Bali Temperature

Bali Temperature in Centigrade and Fahrenheit

The above temperature chart of Bali displays the maximum day time and minimum night time temperatures in both centigrade and fahrenheit. The average monthly maximum temperature is the average air temperature that is in a place of shade therefore Bali temperatures in direct sunlight during the summer months will be much higher. The average temperature does not alter significantly during the year, it is hot and humid all year round just perfect beach weather.

Bali Rainfall and Wet Days

Bali rainfall rain wet

Average Rainfall for Bali

The blue bar chart displays the average number of wet days that Bali experiences per month. This is plotted against the average amount of rainfall per month. The long wet winter season is best avoided.


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