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For tourists Laos has two distinct seasons (wet summer and dry winter) but for Laos’s population there are technically three seasons; wet, hot and cold. As Laos is landlocked, the monsoon season is less extreme than its coastal neighbours of Vietnam and Cambodia. The wet season covers most of the summer months while the dry season starts in November and continues until the start of the rains in May. The hot season is late spring and humidity at this time of year can become unbearable only slightly cooling with the onset of the heavy rains. The best season to visit Laos is during the winter months when humidity and rainfall are at the lowest.

Laos Average Weather

Laos Average Weather

The average weather for Laos based upon region data.

The average weather of Laos summarises the weather conditions for three popular tourists destinations in Laos. Vientiane is the capital of the Laos, Luang Prabang is the great northern town which summarises the northern weather while Pakse summaries the southern end of Laos.

Laos Temperature

Laos Temperature

The maximum day time temperature of Laos in Centigrade and Fahrenheit

The highest temperatures of Laos are experienced at the end of the spring months before the monsoon rains, the coolest time of the year is in winter.The humidity is at it’s highest in Laos during the hot season. The temperature of Laos is more dependent on the elevation of the city more than the position within the country.

Laos Rainfall and Amount of Rain

Laos Rainfall and Amount of RainThe average rainfall of Laos, millimetres and inches of rain for Laos

Laos has a wet and dry season, the majority of the rainfall that Laos receives falls during the summer months. The monsoon rains comes from the Gulf of Thailand on south western winds and the Laos along with the entire of SE Asia is best avoided

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