Pa Tong, Thailand Weather

The weather chart below displays the monthly average weather conditions for Pa Tong, Thailand. The average day time maximum temperature is shown by the red line while the average night time minimum is the blue line. The blue bar chart shows the number of days that have some rain per month in Pa Tong.

Pa Tong Weather Chart

Pa Tong, Thailand Weather

The average weather for Pa Tong, Thailand

When to Visit Pa Tong for a Holiday

Pa Tong and Phuket have two very different seasons which are almost equally split through the year; a wet season from May until November and a dry season from December until April. The weather in this region is classified as being a hot tropical monsoon climate under the Köppen climate scale.

The tourist Season of Phuket and Pa Tong is from December through to March, this is the weather is at it’s best with hot sunny days and a gentle breeze to cool the nights. There is the chance of occasional rains brought in by the south westerly prevailing winds but the rains are very short and afterwards leave glorious sun. The temperature of the sea alters very little during the year and is between 26-28°C, very pleasant for swimming, snorkelling or diving in.

The flip side of all of this good weather is that Pa Tong experiences a very long and wet monsoon season that extends from May to October with September being the wettest month. The monsoon arrives from the south east and hits the Andaman coastline including Pa Tong weeks before mainland Thailand.

Do not visit Pa Tong or the west coast of Thailand during August through to October season, as the entire tourist industry shuts down while buffered by high winds and localised floods. For holidays between April to August consider the islands in the Gulf of Thailand which have a much later monsoon season.

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