Yasmine Hammamet Weather Averages

The following weather chart displays the monthly average weather conditions for Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia. The red line displays the monthly day time maximum temperature while the blue line shows the average night time minimum. The bar chart indicates the number of wet days per month that Yasmine Hammamet experiences.

Yasmine Hammamet Weather Chart

Yasmine Hammamet Weather

The average weather for Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia

When to Visit Yasmine Hammamet

Yasmine Hammamet and the eastern Tunisian coastline has a hot Mediterranean climate with long intense summers and mild winters. The best season to visit Yasmine Hammamet is either side of the hot summer months either in spring (April-early June) or in autumn (September and October).

Summers in Yasmine Hammamet and Tunisia are very hot and the above chart indicates the daytime maximum air temperature in shade, the temperature in direct sun light will be much hotter. The intense sun is combined with the heat of the inland deserts and makes doing anything but sitting by the beach or sea almost impossible. That said the humidity in summer is next to nothing so with plenty of water and cool clothes the local cities can be gently explored. In the evening there is always a cooling breeze caused by sun’s heating of the land.


The summer weather slowly changes into spring like weather through September and October making them great months for exploring the region and spending time on the beach. The weather cools off in November and December is the month with the most rain, but this is considerable less than back at home. The winter months in Yasmine Hammamet, though not offering super hot weather. is still pleasant and is the time of the year for bargain hunters.

The temperatures rapidly increase through spring and days are dry with plenty of sunshine. This is the best season to visit Yasmine Hammamet, and makes Tunisia a good choice of destination for Easter holiday trips.


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