The Algarve or Rhodes Weather

The weather charts below compare the average weather conditions of the Algarve with Rhodes. The first weather chart shows the maximum day time temperature, the second weather bar chart displays the amount of rain that Rhodes with the Algarve experiences per month. The third chart shows the most important measure for a holiday, the average number of hours of sun per day. These weather charts of the Algarve and Rhodes provide the average weather conditions per month but can only ever provide a guide for future weather conditions. Click here for a guide to Algarve.

Maximum Temperature of the Algarve and Rhodes

Maximum Temperature For Algarve and Rhodes

The monthly average maximum temperature of Rhodes compared to the Algarve

The day time maximum temperature measurement is recorded in shade therefore the temperature in direct sunlight during the summer months will always be much hotter.

Amount of Rain in Rhodes and the Algarve

Amount of Rain in Rhodes and Algarve

The total number of days with rain in the Algarve compared to Rhodes

A larger amount of rain generally indicates more wet days but all resorts have significantly less than back at home. London has a yearly average of 50 mm per month, while Cardiff has 95mm and Glasgow has a dismal 100mm of rain per month.

Hours of Sun Per day for the Algarve and Rhodes

Hours of Sun Per day for Algarve and Rhodes

The average number of hours of sun light for Rhodes and the Algarve

This measure of sun light hours indicates how many hours of sun to expect in the Algarve or Rhodes per day on your holiday.

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