Hiroshima Weather Averages

This page summarises the monthly average weather for Hiroshima, Japan. There are three weather charts that detail the weather of Hiroshima; the first summarizes the weather, the second indicates the amount of sunshine per day with the amount of rainfall per month and the third weather chart details the average maximum and minimum temperature in Centigrade and Fahrenheit. The weather charts can aid when planning a holiday or business trip to Hiroshima, Japan.

The Average Weather of Hiroshima

The average Weather of Hiroshima

The above weather chart of Hiroshima, Japan summarises the monthly averages and season trends.

Hiroshima Sunshine and Rainfall

Hiroshima Sunshine Rainfall

The average hours of sunshine per day verses the amount of rainfall for Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima Maximum and Minimum Temperature in Centigrade and Fahrenheit

Temperature Hiroshima

The maximum and minimum temperature of Hiroshima in centigrade and fahrenheit.

When to Visit Hiroshima and description of weather

In general the best months to visit Japan and Hiroshima are either during the spring months (April to May) and the autumn months (October and November). These two tourist seasons miss the hot and oppressively humid summers and the gray and damp winters. The height of the tourist season and time of year preferred by the Japanese is the brief cherry blossom season that is in mid spring. The worst time of year to travel to Japan is during the height of summer when the high humidity can make even the lightest activity draining and difficult.

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