Ushuaia Weather Averages

The following weather chart displays the monthly average weather conditions for Ushuaia, Argentina. The red line displays the monthly day time maximum temperature while the blue line shows the average night time minimum. The bar chart indicates the number of wet days per month that Ushuaia experiences.

Ushuaia Weather Chart

Ushuaia Weather

The average weather for Ushuaia, Argentina

When to Visit Ushuaia

The weather of Ushuaia southernmost city of the world has cool, damp and wet climate. The warmest months are in December and January but the mean maximum only creeps up to 10.5°C. Even during the summer months, it is possible to have snowfall. Being so far south the number of hours of sun light varies dramatically from an average of 17 in the summer months (Dec/Jan) down to 7 in the winter (Jun/July).


The Ushuaia has a very wet and damp climate have an average of 200 wet days per year. The rain which falls is very light only dropping 530ml per year. When travelling to Ushuaia expect damp wet, foggy days – this comes as a shock to visitor who fly in from the capital.

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